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TMJ Oral Appliances in Dallas, TX

TMJ disorder is a common problem that can be treated with customized dental appliances. At the Dallas, TX dental office of Jeff Colquitt, DDS, we provide mouth guards and dental orthotics to effectively correct issues encountered by patients who experience the painful and irritating side effects of temporomandibular joint disorder, including, but not limited to headaches, jaw pain, popping and clicking of the jaw, and ringing and popping of ears. TMJ Oral Appliance

Why Do I Need a TMJ Appliance?

Oral appliances for temporomandibular joint dysfunction are intended to alleviate joint stress created by an unbalanced bite. A variety of treatments and therapies can be recommended to start your TMJ rehabilitation process. These may include a combination of splint therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, exercise, biofeedback, stress management, psychological counseling, or other rehabilitative interventions.

A TMJ appliance from Dr. Colquitt is customized to fit the shape of your smile and provide the relief you’re looking for. TMJ splints also provide a cushion between teeth to prevent damage to your dentition and TMJ joints that may eventually require restoration.

Splints and other Appliances for TMD

Depending on the severity of your condition, and habits that contribute to the progression of your disorder, an orthotic can be recommended. Your orthotic is a diagnostic, repositioning, relaxing, and removable appliance. The customized neuromuscular orthotic has been shown to help thousands of people with TMJ disorders and, 99% of the time, eliminate the need for TMJ surgery. Since degree of necessary repair differs from each patient, relief of symptoms vary from partial to total. Intra-oral orthotics can include the following varieties:

Dental night guards are worn while patients are asleep and cover the surface of teeth, so that muscle clenching and grinding does not further flatten or wear down dental enamel. This appliance looks like a sports mouth guard and can be made of varying materials to meet your needs and sufficiently absorb pressure. In doing this, stress on jaw joints is also alleviated, reducing day-time pain and sensitivity created by night time bruxism.

TMJ orthotics that are intended to coach the jaw into more ideal position are typically worn 24 hours a day, removed for cleaning purposes only. Patients with TMJ disorder often press their teeth together during the day or even clench their jaw muscles without noticing.  Both of which contribute to uncomfortable symptoms and exacerbation of the condition. Repositioning splints help find a home alignment for your bite – one that is comfortable and allows muscles to relax.

We strongly recommend faithful compliance to the orthotic program, as jaw muscles will quickly return to the original path of closure dictated by your teeth and your pain symptoms will return if the appliances are worn inconsistently. Our Dallas TMJ dentist, Dr. Jeff Colquitt, carefully monitors your progress over time spent wearing TMJ/TMD appliances. At each check-up, we determine if positive changes in bite alignment have been supported through splits and if this has alleviated symptoms.

As your muscles and jaw joint begin to relax you will require small adjustments to your orthotic. We schedule routine appointments to take care of these periodic modifications. Patients who enjoy success with TMJ oral appliance therapy can then begin to think about any other treatments that may help to repair wear and tear, such as veneers or dental crowns.

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