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 Dallas Gum Disease Treatment and Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease (periodontal disease) presents potentially scary complications – from bone loss and loosening teeth, to playing a hand in heart conditions. But gum disease can be prevented or managed to limit these side-effects from having a negative impact on your overall wellness and oral health. Dr. Jeff Colquitt helps his patients enjoy the benefits of excellent gum health with periodontal therapy for gum disease prevention and treatment at his office in Dallas, TX.

Who Is At Risk for Gum Disease?

Anyone can develop signs of gum disease through poor dental health habits, but those who are at a higher risk for periodontal problems are smokers, or those who have health conditions, like diabetes. Even getting older or simply having a genetic pre-disposition to gum problems can lead to development of gum disease symptoms.

Dental patients who fall into these categories may have chronic dry mouth caused by hormonal changes or by taking drugs for certain medical conditions, which create the right environment for periodontal disease. The good news is that withGum Disease Treatment in Dallashelp from our Dallas dentist, Dr. Jeff Colquitt, and a commitment to good at-home dental care, you can enjoy renewed oral health.

Preventing Periodontitis

When it comes to preventing gum disease, brushing, flossing, and keeping your routine dental appointments are essential. Gum disease is caused by the collection of bad bacteria and debris that forms plaque on and around your teeth. When plaque isn’t cleaned daily with good brushing and flossing techniques, it begins to build-up under the gum line and forms into tartar – a hard substance that can negatively affect tooth enamel

Dr. Colquitt and his team help patients avoid the formation of tartar and pockets of bacteria below the gum line with routine dental cleanings and effective patient education. We educate our patients with proper dental hygiene habits to keep their teeth clean between appointments to avoid oral health complications.

Seeing Signs of Gum Disease? Dr. Jeff Colquitt, Our Dallas Dentist Can Help!

If you’ve begun to notice that your gums are puffy, tender, and prone to bleeding, or if you have a persistent bad taste in your mouth, contact our office as soon as possible for care. The sooner you seek treatment for gum disease, the greater the likelihood that you can limit the negative effect on your health.

We present patients with non-surgical and surgical options for gum care, depending on their needs, which include:

• Deep cleanings (removal of debris below the gum line)
• Pocket reduction surgery
• Gum grafting
• Home care maintenance programs (patient education)

These treatments are designed to treat the cause of the condition and correct side-effects, such as the formation of pockets of infection below the gum line and recessed soft tissue.

Don’t Put-Off Gum Care – Contact Our Office Today!

We’re committed to your oral health and wellness. If you have questions about gum disease or how we can help treat periodontitis, please call the Dallas, TX dental office of Dr. Jeff Colquitt today for your consultation.


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