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Comprehensive Denture Services - Restoration of One or Multiple Teeth

While it is bothersome to lose just one tooth, patients who lack most or all of their natural teeth face even more health and dental issues. Lacking strong and durable teeth, it becomes impossible to bite, chew, and digest food; you may also find that your dietary options are limited and you feel self-conscious about your changing appearance.

Dentures are designed to solve these problems and more. At Dr. Colquitt’s office, we provide a variety of denture options in Dallas to save patients’ smiles and improve their wellbeing. Ask us how we can help you by scheduling a denture consultation today.

Traditional Denture Options

Standard dentures, those that are removable and secured with adhesive or a metal framework, are popular among many edentulous patients. Getting a new smile with dentures is easy and comfortable; impressions are taken of dental arches to fabricate your prosthetic. The fit of your new teeth is then checked and adjusted in-office. For this economical form of denture service, Dr Colquitt provides:

Full Removable Dentures - These acrylic teeth are made to match the appearance of your natural teeth and gum tissue. Full dentures are often most comfortable on upper arches, where a portion of the prosthetic that covers the palate allows your teeth to remain firmly suctioned in place.
Partials - For loss of some, but not all teeth, Dr. Colquitt provides partial dentures. With a durable metal framework, these replacement teeth hook around remaining, healthy teeth to provide the appearance of a full smile. Partials can also be metal-free, made with flexible plastic for added comfort and aesthetics.

Removable dentures are cost-effective and non-invasive, making them applicable treatments for most patients with missing teeth.

Permanent Dentures

Adding dental implants to your denture treatment can make a world of different in terms of functional and natural feel. Implants fuse to the bone, providing a strong and stable framework that your dentures either snap onto or are permanently attached by screws.

Options for fixed, implant-supported dentures include:

• Snap-on overdentures
• Screw-retained hybrid dentures
• Permanent full-arch bridges

Dr. Colquitt often recommends adding a few implants in the bottom arch to securely hold lower dentures, known for more easily slipping out of place. We encourage patients to read over our page on implant dentistry and All-on-4 to learn more about how implants have revolutionized teeth replacement procedures.

Ask us about Dentures in Dallas, TX

Don’t struggle with tooth loss! Dr. Colquitt is committed to the art and science of dentistry and can help you find a denture solution that matches your needs and expectation. Contact us today to learn more about removable and fixed dentures.


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