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Dr. Colquitt is a big believer in Stim-U-Dent®  Plaque Removers as an effective home treatment that can be used to prevent and treat periodontia/gum disease.  They can be purchased over-the-counter and are inexpensive.  Stim-U-Dents® are orange wood tooth picks manufactured by Johnson and Johnson.  They are triangular in profile and can used effectively and easily to remove introproximal plaque and to stimulate the gums simutaneously.  They are packaged in a small package about the size of a matchbook so they are easily be carried in a pocket or purse. 

Stim-U-Dents® can be used as a prevention or as a treatment for periodontia.  They are particularly effective as a treatment of gingivitis - the initial stage of the disease.  Dr. Colquitt has seen many patients over the years that have eliminated periodontia all together just by using Stim-U-Dents® daily. 

According to the Council on Scientific Affairs, American Dental Association"Stim-U-Dent® Plaque Removers are accepted as an effective cleansing device which reduces gingivitis as part of a program for good oral hygiene to supplement the regular professional care required for oral health." 

  • Clinically proven to fight gingivitis by removing plaque from between teeth.
  • Soft wooden cleaners, shaped to clean between teeth and gently invigorate gums. Use after every meal.
  • Convenient for use when away from home.


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