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"Happy Visits" - Children

Happy Dental Visits for Children

Dr. Colquitt wants every dental visit to be a "happy visit", especially for children.  Every child's first visit to Dr. Colquitt's office is a "happy visit".  On this visit the child is introduced to the staff and given a tour of the facility.  He/she is introduced to the "cool" dental chair that moves electronically in every direction.  What child doesn't like playing with electronics? 

Once the child is comfortable, Dr. Colquitt and the dental hygienist briefly look at his/her teeth and then ask the child if they want to find a toy in the toy box to take home.  If time permits, Dr. Colquitt will make the child a baloon-like animal with his glove.  Dr. Colquitt understands children - he has four of his own!

The first experience is positive so following visits are a charm.  At the next visit the dental hygienist is usually able to begin the tooth cleaning process and Dr. Colquitt is able to assess their teeth with ease.  Regular dental hygiene visits are an important part of the life of your child's teeth and are strongly recommended.  Preventative cleanings, early detection, and daily oral brushing and hygiene all play a role in maintaining your child's dental health.  

When should a child begin visits to the dentist? 

Dr. Colquitt recommends that your child begin dental preventative visits between the ages of 2 1/2  and 3 years of age.   
Should your child get sealants? 

Dr. Colquitt wants your child to have "healthy" teeth.  When your child's permanent teeth come in Dr. Colquitt recommends sealants for extra protection and prevention of tooth decay.   (Sealants can also be placed on "baby teeth" if needed.)   This procedure is absolutely "pain free" and a very important part of maintaining the health of your child. 

Dr. Colquitt can take care of your entire family. His practice is dedicated to meeting all of your dental needs.  No more driving from doctor to doctor - just one location - can take care of you all. 



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