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Dental Testimonials for Dr. Jeff Colquitt

"The decision to improve my smile is one of the best I have ever made."

R.L. Ross

"It has now been 15 years since my implants by Dr. Colquitt and I could not be happier with the result, in fact so happy that I would gladly do it all over again."

Jerry Petty

"I was born to that generation where taking care of your teeth was not that important. And as I grew up, I didn't have the discipline that young people have today about thier oral hygiene. I'd reached a point in my life where I needed extensive work on my teeth. Dr. Colquitt explained to me the problems I had with my teeth and developed a plan to basically reconstruct my mouth. Now after having full mouth rejuvenation, I feel a thousand percent more confident in myself. Now when I look in the mirror and see my big bright smile, it's truly something to smile about."

Dennis Bloom

"My decision for dental implants was escalated due to bone loss, which had prevented me from being able to talk or smile freely. I had worn dentures for 30 years and now with the bone loss, my chin and nose appeared to be growing together. I could not eat certain foods that required active chewing. I never felt confident with my old dentures, the fear that they would fall out as I was talking was alwaysw with me. Dr. Colquitt provided me with dental implants that help place my mouth in its proper perspective for me face. In other words, he opened my mouth to the position it was in when I was 20 years old. I am now enjoying my renewed feeling of youth. My new bite has even improved my hearing and the ease of talking with friends and family, because with dental implants there is no slipping or falling out of dentures. I can now eat corn on the cob, carrots, apples and many other foods. My husband says that I look great and best of all I feel great. I ended up with a perfect smile and his overall comment was WOW!"

Joyce Standley

"Dr. Colquitt was able to correct all of TMJ symptoms, pain, migraine headaches and other problems by performing full mouth reconstruction and permanently relaxing my jaws and teeth. This proved to also be the TMJ therapy. He also sent me to some relaxation classes and I continue to wear a dental splint. Now there is no popping or clicking in my jaw and I have never had a migraine headache again."

Pamela Snowbarger

"I had a small chip on one of my teeth, that wasn't particularly bothersome, but noticeable to me. Dr. Colquitt assured me the restoration would be fast and completely reversible if I was not happy. The chipped tooth was flawlessly repaired and there is absolutely no indication of any difference between my teeth. My smile is perfect and the procedure was painless and fast. I am completely satisfied."

John D. Harkey, Jr.

"I now get more compliments on my teeth than I ever did in the past. The end results are beautiful, functional teeth. Now that's something to smile about!"

Dawn Sterritt

"Dr. Colquitt has been my angel! I have been so pleased and happy with the results. They have really turned my life around and made me proud of my smile. For the first time in 23 years I haven't had sore spots and I can eat anything I want."

Ruth Clemens

"Dr. Colquitt made sure I was involved in every step while choosing the shape of my new teeth. People are always telling me that I have such a nice smile and I am no longer embarrassed about talking or eating. Now I feel comfortable flashing a smile."

Johnny Hogg

"Now I can't smile enough. Every time I smile, no matter what, I know I do have a smile that is very pleasing."

James Petty

"I love my smile now. It's never looked better."

Cheryl Nathman

"Dr. Colquitt is very thorough and does what is best for his patients. His staff is so friendly. I love coming to his office!"

Carol Ann Eldridge

"I love my new smile and I am not experiencing any TMJ symptoms. Now I am free to be Dianne - I can smile now!"

Diane Buckman